Tired of the typical function venues? Why not try something different and bring your conference, seminar or year end function to us. If you want entertainment, we have THE hot-line to all of South Africa's top artists. We can advise you which artist will best suit your particular function and budget. We can seat 130 people with an unobstructed view of the stage and have all the audiovisual facilities needed for a professional presentation.

Die Boer can be booked for both evening and day functions, but if you would like exclusive use of the venue for an evening function, you will need to book about 3 months in advance.
Die Boer is al die dae van die week beskikbaar vir dagfunksies, mits die venue teen 16:30 ontruim word. (Dit is nodig sodat ons kan voorberei vir die aand se vertoning.) Spyskaarte, tafelplanne, vermaak en tegniese behoeftes kan presies volgens die kliënt se behoeftes en begroting ontwerp word. Basiese venuehuur en kostes per persoon is onderhandelbaar en hang af van die spyskaart, vermaak en audio-visuele behoeftes. Stuur ʼn e-pos na of bel ons by 0825741651.
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