The LAST Tuesday of every month is Blue Tuesday!... a night dedicated to the true blue-blooded blues lover ...and the music is the kind of stuff you will find in the back-streets of Chicago and New Orleans.  South Africa is blessed with an almost unbelievable crop of world-class blues musicians, despite the fact that, in this country it is still very much a "niche" market.

On Tuesdays, many of these amazing artists are free from their  “bread-earning”  weekend gigs and many have thrown their support and time behind this project of spreading the gospel of the blues to an ever wider audience.

The result is that you can pitch up on ANY Blue Tuesday and, for a small entry free,  be absolutely amazed at the quality of musician you will find on stage, regardless of who plays.

Blue Tuesday at die Boer has become a forum where musicians meet and jam with each other and new ideas and collaborations are formed.  A house band provides the backbone of the music while various guests will join them throughout the night. 

In these tough economic times it is an affordable night out with great food and drinks "specials", listening to the kind of stuff you thought only happens overseas.

COME and have a look!

To see the line-up for the next Blue Tuesday, browse through our program and click on the date of your choice.

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